Welcome to Sovrano Home Décor where we stand by creating beautiful Canadian made pieces. We shop local and we love promoting Canadian entrepreneurs and plan to add more items to our beautiful shop showcasing the artists that live local to Calgary, Alberta. 
Supporting Canadian artists and entrepreneurs and showcasing custom made pieces is what Sovrano Home Décor is passionate about. Not only do we create handmade pillows and one of a kind textiles, but we also support other hard working Canadians who are masters at their craft and have a passion for creating.
This isn't a store full of mass-produced items, these are handmade, unique pieces made with luxurious products and fabrics to provide you with items that are special for your home. 
Since the first collection of pom pillows™ were released in early 2019, Melanie has worked to create many custom pieces and unique designs, including hand painted pillow covers for clients who prefer their pillows to be unlike any others. Truly one-of-a-kind and customized to your space. Pom Pillows™ evolved into Sovrano Home Décor in 2022 and more products will be added to the shop each month by talented Canadian entrepreneurs.