Have you purchased a Ruggable rug before? I have purchased one runner for a previous home and just ordered 4 more for our new place! We are going to try the outdoor mat this time (personalized with the letter of your last name) . I also ordered a runner for the kitchen, a small mat for the back door , and one for the front entry. These rugs are super easy, washable in your washing machine and look fantastic. Their colour and pattern options are beautiful and I had a really hard time committing to one because I like so many of them! I ended up selecting the Hendesi Heriz pattern in Cream (see swatch below).

These rugs are a two part system, one rubber waterproof floor mat (that has a grippy pad on top) and one rug that sticks onto the floor mat. It is a genius idea! Best part is that you can throw them in the wash if you have kiddos or pets. Perfect for a young family! Shop the link above to get 15% off your first order. Trust me, you will love these!!


xo Mel